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Lady Windermere poster

Lady Windermere's Fan

by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Jess Davis

Season: TBA

On the day of her twenty first birthday ball, Lady Windermere is presented with both a beautiful fan from her husband, and a shocking suspicion that he is having an affair with a mysterious older woman. After a series of adulterous rumours are unveiled, she discovers that Lord Windermere has been secretly siphoning money into the account of one Mrs Erlynne, a woman who has set the tongues of London's elite wagging. To add insult to injury, Lord Windermere insists that Mrs Erlynne be invited to Lady Windermere's birthday ball and treated as a special guest.

DirectorJess Davis
Assistant DirectorTui Clark
Set DesignTom Fahy
Costume DesignPeter Henson
Lighting DesignMichael Schell
Sound DesignIan Whalan

Stage ManagerHannah Dunwell
Assistant Stage ManagerTamara Sweetman

Lady WindermereAimee Honor
Lord DarlingtonSam Walter
Mrs ErlynneMichela Noonan
Lord Augustus LortonDavid M Bond
Duchess of BerwickLiz Grindley
Lady Agatha Carlisle
May Hnin
Mr DumbyCarlin Hurdis
Cecil GrahamPeter David Allison
Mr HopperJames Trevorrow
Lady PlymdaleJill Kingston
ParkerRod Stewart
Lady JedburghSusan Carveth
Mrs Cowper-CowperTamara Sweetman