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by Bram Stoker

Adapted by Stephen Dietz

Directed by Michael Heming

Season: 22nd October - 3rd December 2016
Preview night 21st October
Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm


Time & Date: 7pm, Tuesday 19th July 2016
Venue: Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent Street, Sydney


Date: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2016
Times: By appointment

Email for an audition pack and to book your audition.


A mysterious and exotic European Count hires a young English solicitor to facilitate his migration to England. However, after trapping the solicitor in his Transylvanian castle and murdering the crew of the English-bound ship, it becomes apparent that the Count is in fact an ancient horror about to unleash on the unsuspecting people of London. Thus begins a series of strange and deadly events leading to a desperate struggle against a creature intent on corrupting the souls of the solicitor's fiancée and closest friends.

Director's Vision

A classic Gothic Horror story, dark and foreboding, high on tension and suspense. Set primarily in Victorian-era (1897) England and, later, Transylvania. The show will move quickly between scenes and focus on the visceral themes of: fear of the unknown; primal passions; corruption of the soul; and courage against an unbeatable foe.

About the Director

Michael Heming is a performer, writer and director. He has directed Go Back For Murder and Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure for the Genesian Theatre Company, Jack and the Beanstalk: The Pantomime for St George Theatre Company, and wrote and co-directed Dr. McCarb's Independent Surgical Hospital On The Hill for Ostribian Theatre as part of the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival. Michael has completed the Directing For The Stage course at the NIDA Open program.


Wilhelmina 'Mina' Murray: Female, ages 21-30
A strong, practical young woman who is engaged to Jonathan Harker. Best friends with Lucy Westenra, Mina rescues her fiancé after he escapes Transylvania before falling prey to Dracula herself. She must then race to defeat him before becoming one of his vampire vixens. Standard British accent.

Jonathan Harker: Male, ages 30-40
A solicitor who journeys to Transylvania to finalise Count Dracula's purchase of property in England. He is imprisoned, escapes and returns to England thinking he has lost his mind. When he discovers that Dracula is in England and threatens the lives and souls of his fiancée and friends, he joins the struggle to fight his evil menace. Standard British accent.

Lucy Westenra: Female, ages 21-30
A sweet young woman, who is courted by several men including Dr. John Seward. She and Mina have been friends since childhood and share all their secrets. Dracula's arrival in England brings out Lucy's lascivious side, and this is only enhanced after she becomes a vampire. Standard British accent.

Dr John Seward: Male, ages 25-40
Head of a lunatic asylum and suitor to Lucy. Seward is determined to 'solve' the secret of Renfield's madness and advance the cause of science. Studied under Professor Van Helsing and once saved his life. Standard British accent.

Renfield: Male, ages 30-60
A resident of Dr Seward's lunatic asylum, Renfield believes that by ingesting life he is able to add it to his own. He swings wildly from lucid philosopher to fits of homicidal rage. He views Dracula as his master, who will reward him for his service. Standard British accent.

Professor Abraham Van Helsing: Male, ages 40+
Van Helsing is a philosopher, metaphysician and the most advanced scientist of his day. He is asked by John Seward to examine Lucy after she is taken ill. Van Helsing becomes convinced that a vampire is responsible and begins a crusade to find and destroy him. Possesses an open mind, a steadfast belief in science, and a fierce reliance on faith. Dutch accent.

Count Dracula: Male, ages 25-45
An ancient vampire who has determined to move from Transylvania to England in search of fresh prey. Charismatic, refined, commanding and sensual. Dracula appears both old and younger at various points. Must be comfortable removing shirt onstage. Romanian and Standard British accents.

Vixens/Attendants/Maid (2): Female, ages 18+
Two vampiric seductresses who serve Dracula. These performers will also double as an Attendant in the lunatic asylum and a Maid. These are potentially physical roles. Romanian and Standard British accents.

Attendant/ Waiter: Male, ages 18+
A dual role as an Attendant in the lunatic asylum, and a waiter. This is a potentially physical role. Standard British accent.

Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals will be 3 times a week and will be negotiated with the successful actors. There is likely to be two evening rehearsals during the week. We will also rehearse Saturday or Sundays depending on what's best for the cast. The rehearsal venue is in Marrickville, though some rehearsals may be run in the theatre.