Our Friday and Saturday performances now start at 7.30pm!

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by Charles Morey

Based on the play by Beaumarchais

Directed by Shane Bates

Season: 2nd September - 14th October 2017
Preview night 1st September
Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm


A reading of the play will take place at the Theatre at 420 Kent St on Wednesday 14 June. Please arrive at 6.45 for a 7.00pm start. All are welcome to attend.

Auditions by Appointment

10.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 17 June
10.00am - 2.30pm Sunday 18 June

Auditions will be at 15 minute intervals and you will be asked to read from the script. Excerpts from the script will be available on the day so please arrive early for your audition to familiarise yourself with the material.

To book an appointment please email figaro@genesiantheatre.com.au with your headshot and CV, a time which would suit you to audition on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June, and the roles you are interested in auditioning for. We will be reviewing applications and will contact you after 15 May regarding your audition time.

About the Play

This play is based loosely on Pierre de Beaumarchais' The Marriage of Figaro, written in 1778.

It is set in the Villa of the Count Almaviva near Seville in Spain and the action takes place over the course of one day.

Often described as a fast-paced, colourful, and witty romp, it is in the finest French farce tradition.

Nine actors are used to play the following 12 characters. Some doubling of the male roles can occur though is not necessary. Ages listed are indicative only.

List of Characters

Figaro is the comic lead, the "trickster". Head servant to the Count. He is very smart, very quick, with a great heart and joy in life but with an undercurrent of anger. Age: late 20s - 30s.

Suzanne Figaro's fiancée and very much his match. Beautiful and smart. Also a servant in the Count's household. Age: late 20's.

Count Almaviva Imposing, forceful and aristocratic. A lecher with a comedic twist but likeable. Age: late 30s - early 40s.

Countess Almaviva (Rosine) Beautiful and aristocratic, while being smart and resourceful she is none the less saddened by her husband's neglect. Age: Late 30's.

Doctor Bartholo Smart, arrogant, and somewhat aloof. Age: 50's.

Marceline A faded beauty. Strong willed and will do almost anything to get what she wants. Age: late 40's - 50's.

Fanchette Beautiful and sexy but as smart as a rock. Age: Late teens.

Cherubin Not much more than a boy who considers himself a great lover. Age: Early 20's.

Doublemain An officious court clerk (young age and can be doubled with Cherubin).

Bazile Private secretary to the Count. Officious, vain, self-absorbed.

Antonio The count's gardener, a comic drunk (older age and can be doubled with Bazile).

Bridoison slightly dim Justice with a significant speech impediment (Can be doubled with Antonio and Bazile).